I’ve been at udk for almost three weeks now, and I’ve settled into my regime, studying illustration as my core class. I have also chosen to study in an editorial class, Vilem Flusser theoretical class, feminist perspectives of space class and a class on the internet. It’s exciting to get the chance to study in so many varied areas of design and theory and it’s refreshing to be studying in a smaller university with fewer students with a nice feeling of community. Last week I went on a trip to Sauen with the illustration and graphic design class to take part in a political workshop. It was great to see the countryside and cycles through the woods and get to know everyone better. I focused my work on the idea of belonging and particularly my relationship with heritage, citizenship, and nationality. As someone of Caribbean, Nigerian and English (And most likely more) I find it hard to think of being one national identity or having roots in one place. Shown are the initial poster ideas I started to create in the workshop which I hope to develop further possibly through screen printing.


Background on the apps:

Sexy Lexy 

Sexy Lexy is a sex game through which adolescents can practice with sex and all social interactions involved. From flirting, to kissing, to sharing personal photo’s online; the application educates the users about the diversity of sex, both the pleasures and pitfalls, in a playful and adventurous way. 

Sexpedition is an application that invites adolescents to discover their own body, the intimate spots, what feels good and what does not. This way, users get to know their sexual preferences, making it easier to guide someone else when having sex and communicating personal boundaries.

Both applications are currently being further developed and will soon be tested among more adolescents with a mental disability


Emelie, Lotte, and Beatrijs started the project in the past and wanted to bring it back to life and update the aesthetic based on feedback they received from potential users. I and the other intern Rodney have been working on the illustrations for this app for the last week or so, shown are the final screens with the new illustrations, really happy with the outcome.



Visited Berlin for the weekend to surprise some friends as one of my best friends had an exhibition out there! And started the process of enrolling for when I go to UDK in the Summer. Really like the exhibitions I visited, at the kw contmporary there was a really great sound installation piece and looking at John bock’s work at the Berlinische Gallerie.


IMG_1089.JPGMoved over on the 26th. Have had a lovely time settling in and going to exhibitions at Stedelijk, foam and Eye. First day at the studio today – will be working at Reframing Studio until the end of April! And bought a bike!